Trust your next project to Schoonderwoerd Bros. Concrete Ltd. With a long standing tradition of craftsmanship, experience and attention to detail, the Schoonderwoerd Brothers are your next choice for agricultural or commercial concrete work.

Schoonderwoerd Bros. Concrete has extensive knowledge in:

Bunker Silos

Liquid Manure Storage

Dry Manure Storage

Complete Barn Foundations

Concrete Tower Silos


Sandwich Walls

Bin Pads

Waste Water Treatment Sites

Retaining Walls

Commercial Parking Lots

Commercial Grain Elevators

About Us

Schoonderwoerd Bros. Concrete is a distinctive and dynamic concrete business established in 2003 by Mitchell, Ontario brothers Scott, Darrell and Pete Schoonderwoerd. The brothers' father and uncles began constructing concrete tower silos throughout Ontario in the 1960's, providing Scott, Darrell and Pete early insight into the concrete industry.

Scott, Darrell and Pete have over 25 years combined experience in the construction industry. SBC deals with agricultural, commercial and industrial concrete applications throughout Ontario, using the latest technologies.  Agricultural applications include bunker silos, dry and liquid manure storage, complete barn foundations, bio- digesters, sandwich walls and bin pads. Commercial and industrial ventures include waste water treatment projects, retaining walls, commercial grain elevators, and commercial facilities (e.g. car dealerships and parking lots).

If you have a project in mind that is not listed above, do not hesitate to contact us. Schoonderwoerd Bros. Concrete would be pleased work with you in fulfilling your concrete needs. We are dedicated to our customer's complete satisfaction and make this our mission when working on a project.

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